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Brand Protection with Vero Codes

VeroSeal enables strong and secure brand protection via its award-winning anti-counterfeiting technology. Optimized algorithm of decoding secures brands from counterfeiting of their products. Our algorithms of asymmetrical encryption used to ensure information fidelity and the methodology widely used in the US, EU, Russia and Asia. Plus, end-users are equipped with iOS/Android applications to verify the products by scanning and reporting to brands the validation status (authentic, counterfeit, or diverted).

Anti-Counterfeit Process Automation with Vero T&T

VeroSeal offers Vero code track & trace system (Vero T&T), a management system to help partners to order new seals and to track their flow. Vero T&T helps to manage fraud prevention process, to trace the full-cycle of flow Vero seals, get reporting, feedback from users and promote new products.

Targeted Promotions with Vero Marketing

VeroSeal provides an innovative marketing module to its brand partners which allows brands to connect with their consumers in the point of purchase. Customers might get promotional info according to their geolocation. They can get various incentives and rewards and participate in contests, games and play videos related to new products.

Counterfeit Prevention with Vero Seals

VeroSeal offers the most powerful and secure brand protection and anti-counterfeiting technology in the world. Our counterfeit prevention solution is robust, cost-effective and easy to manage through the supply chain. We provide multi-layered solution that includes advanced physical-layer authenticating techniques coupled with the use of item-unique serialized global identifiers, that make it absolutely impossible for counterfeiters to duplicate. With our strong presence, brand owners face significant returns on their investments and with our solutions they see revenue increase, overhead reduce, smooth information management and streamlined operations.

End-User Feedback with Vero Apps

Our partners can interact with their end-users via consumer applications and apply incentives to get ratings and reviews for their products. They can ask for feedback for new products and see all the answers in Vero T&T platform. The results can help to make future decision on the entrance of new products into appropriate market.

Our Solutions for Industries


Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are the most lucrative sector of the global trade in illegally copied goods. Fraudulent drugs harm or kill millions around the world and inflict serious damage on the brand names and bottom lines of major pharmaceutical manufacturers. With Vero seals, VeroSeal gives ability to the end customers to differentiate genuine product from the fake copies.


All cosmetic products can be counterfeited, from perfumes and make-up, through to personal care products like toothpastes, soaps and sunscreens. Such illegal products can have a serious impact on the health and safety of the consumer. Vero seals give possibility to customers worldwide to check if the product is genuine and also to report fake products and locations where they are sold.

Food and Beverages

Counterfeit food threats are becoming more common as supply chains become more global and as imaging and manufacturing technology becomes more accessible. Vero seals could give end-customers the possibility of verifying the authenticity of a product before purchase.

Wine ans Spirits

Almost €2.8bn in sales is lost every year across Europe due to counterfeiting in the wine and spirits industry. Counterfeiters use a range of practices to evade capture of goods: e.g. a high volume of small packages opposed to bulk transportation, movement of non-labelled products over borders. Vero seals could be very effective at a later stage of sale as end-users will be informed easily on origin of the products through scanning of seals.


The biggest issue that’s been eroding the high-end fashion brands for years is counterfeiting. Counterfeit products take away more than $500 billion from the fashion industry every year. Vero seals with ability to check and report to the manufacturer could eliminate the counterfeited apparel sales in legal distribution channels.


Counterfeit toys leave children exposed to potentially toxic chemicals and the risk of choking. With Vero seals our partner brands can help their end-customers to recognize legal products and to prevent harmful attack to the health of their kids by not buying counterfeit toys.

Our Solutions for Governments

As for governmental solutions, VeroSeal co-operates with AM-PG GROUP which presents our counterfeit technologies in Eurasian region. Our partner possesses special licenses authorizing to work with Government authorities. AM-PG GROUP specializes in the area of Security Printing.

Armenia: Tax Stamp Project

VeroSeal has developed (2013) and currently maintains the Tax Stamp project for the Government of Armenia. Vero seals are used according to law requirements and for the following industries: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; Pharmaceuticals; Packaged food; Cosmetics, Media products (CD/DVD/Blue- Ray discs with media content).

In general, the Tax Stamp system allows to optimize the Excise stamp control process. Primarily, it automates the supervision over the mentioned process. Based on a modular design, the system includes modules for Excise Stamp Electronic Request Tracking and Processing, Taxpayer Application Rejection/Approval, Serial Number Assignment, and Excise Stamp Return Processing.

    The primary advantages include:
  • Excise Stamp Fraud Prevention
  • Product Counterfeiting Prevention
  • Efficient tracking of Serial Numbers assigned to Taxpayer Applications
  • Automated Report generation for appropriate governmental bodies
  • Secure and Efficient Management of the Excise Stamp return


VeroSeal has provided full-cycle RFID stamp flow solution for products with mandatory stamping regime. The system is developed for the Eurasian Customs Union (EACU) which consists of all the Member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU members: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).

The system provides an opportunity to optimize the monitoring of the products cycle with RFID stamps. The system has modular architecture and includes modules to request RFID stamps, to be notified on their approval or rejection, to assign serial IDs and to return stamps.

    The main advantages of the system are:
  • Counterfeit prevention for RFID stamps
  • Counterfeit prevention for products with RFID stamps
  • Efficient monitoring of serial numbers assigned to tax-payers
  • Automated report generation for appropriate state agencies
  • Automated data generation of RFID stamps for RFID printers
  • Secure and efficient management of return of RFID stamps

Vero Code


Vero codes are secure, fast and robust, adaptable, cloud ready, continuously enhanced, mobile ready and blockchain ready.


Vero code is a three-dimensional code, demonstrating a square consisting of multi-color modules, where you can encode arbitrary information. Vero codes can be constructed in different formats and can be read by a special scanner or by any smartphone.

Vero code comparison with other codes

    Encoding and decoding
  • Optimized algorithm of decoding
  • Correction algorithms in place to help with when needed
  • Digital custom codes provided by Vero T&T
  • Protected from potential unauthorized access or reverse engineering
  • Algorithms of asymmetrical encryption used to ensure information fidelity
  • Implemented methodology widely used in the US, EU, Russia and Asia
  • Blockchain friendly

Nobody can reverse-engineer the coding and decoding algorithm. Own unique secret algorithm of coding and decoding for each client can be provided. The possibility of changing the algorithm from time to time gives no chance to crack the code.

All known coding and tagging systems (barcodes, data matrix etc.) are open source technologies and it’s possible to decode the information they bear. Thus, it’s easy to manipulate the information. With Vero Code you will be secure, because you will have your own, unique, closed and changeable algorithm of coding and decoding.


Vero Code Innovation Award

2014 – Best New Innovation Award
(WInner) and Best Design
(Runner-up) for VeroCode and
Armenia’s Tax Stamps, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

The Vero Track & Trace System

VeroSeal has developed the Vero track & trace system (Vero T&T). Vero T&T helps to manage fraud prevention process, to trace the full-cycle of Vero codes flow, get reporting, feedback from users and promote new products.

The system assigns each good a unique reference number based on high-level encryption, with the objective of avoiding repetition or detection. Code technology is aimed at providing secure product information and reducing complexities in the supply chain. An interface to the World Customs Organization is part of the system and the structure is consistent with GS1 standards.

Vero T&T includes the following modules:

  • Order management: Vero seal electronic request, its rejection or approval
  • Seal assignment: serial number assignment and return processing
  • Product management: product information (images, title, description, manufacturer, etc.) insertion and seal assignment to them. Partners can also import the product data through a data retrieval subsystem, based on API.
  • Branch management: company’s branches registration and seal distribution
  • Scan history: scan data (authentitcity results, date, time, user credentials and location, etc.) storage for monitoring and analysis
  • Reporting: analytics on the product usage, performed scans by the consumers, number of Vero seals issued, used and still pending and much more
  • Reporting: analytics on the product usage, performed scans by the consumers, number of Vero seals issued, used and still pending and much more
  • User feedback: collection of user recommendations and complaints on scanned products
The system has been configured for easy data exchange with other software systems and smooth integration with e-Government systems or ERPs. The system can also be adjusted for specific needs of a partner.
Vero T&T system has been listed and described by United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) in its fundamental publication related to anti-counterfeiting technology “Ensuring Supply Chain Security: The role of anti-counterfeiting technologies”.

T@T System Innovation Award

2015 – Best New Innovation Award
(Joint Winner) and Best Designfor
Tax Project, Miami, USA, VeroSeal
platform (Protect more than 2 Billion
unique products)


Vero Marketing solution helps our partners to promote new products and implement surveys with their users. Vero Marketing is a combination of T&T’s Feedback module and Vero App’s scan result page. With T&T they can create appropriate content: add new product images, description, survey questions. In scan result page their end-users will face all this content and interaction results will be stored in T&T to get useful customer insight about the products.

Vero Seal


Vero seals are customizable security labels that range from simple holographic seals to complex labels with different protection levels. Vero seals are tamper-proof, secure, cost effective, with visible and invisible features of protection. They are located on packages and products and include Vero codes to scan by smartphones or other scanning device to get proofing data.

After the printing and sequenced packaging stages, the labels are sent to the stakeholder responsible for distribution, which is then in charge of their delivery to production or importing facilities. Before shipping, details are inserted into a database for future reference and updates. When a given number of seals is provided to the customer, each label is set to identify a specific product unit from a specific product series.


Vero seal elements are Product Category, Origin (Imported or Local), Vero Code and Serial Code.


We offer quality secure printing of the highest standard. The equipment is from Germany, Spain, UK, Sweden, USA and Belgium.
Security background

Security background

Microprinting protected background
Security background

Security background

Microprinting protected background


Nano Microprinting viewable under the microscope


Nano Microprinting viewable under the microscope


Giliosh pattern element


Giliosh pattern element
Transparent hologram

Transparent hologram

Transparent HRI and aluminum hologram produced by EBEM and Dot Matrix mastering technologies


Selective metallic image
Security Stripe

Security Stripe

Embedded transparent chaotic nano crystals. Color Shifting with customised watermark.

Vero Seal Innovation Award

2013 – Best Innovation Award,
(Runner-up) for Tax Project,
Vienna, Austria

Vero Apps

We offer Android/iOS application for the customers of our partners. Customers can download the application and scan products to verify whether they are original or not. They can also insert Vero seal’s code ID. Customers can always explore the history of their scans, invite friends, get help with how the applications should be used.

After scan customers can see promotional information from our partners: new products, surveys, videos and images, etc. Customers can be partners and “shadow inspectors” for businesses.

All Plans Also Include

Vero Basic Seal

  • tamper-proof
  • secure
  • cost effective
  • visible and invisible protection

Vero Code

  • three-dimensional code
  • multi-color modules
  • readable by any smartphone
  • secure
  • fast and robust
  • adaptable
  • cloud ready
  • continuously enhanced
  • mobile ready
  • blockchain ready
  • optimized algorithm of decoding


  • marketing content integration
  • ads management
  • polls creation
  • rating requests
  • gamification
  • loyalty program
  • images & videos

Management Platform

  • order of new seals
  • application approval/rejection
  • serial number assignment
  • seal return processing
  • product management
  • report generation
  • scan History
  • feedback collection from customers
  • data exchange with other systems

Consumer Applications

  • Android/iOS applications
  • Vero code scanning
  • verification answer
  • history of scans
  • friends' invitation
  • view of marketing content


Why to cooperate with VeroSeal?

We provide multiple-layer protection from counterfeiting. Our solutions are fast and robust, flexible and adaptable, cloud ready, continuously enhanced, mobile ready, and blockchain friendly. VeroSeal’s mobile solutions provide an ability to engage and involve millions of customers as “Shadow Inspectors”. Our solutions are already used by governments and corporations. Businesses have already decreased their insurance costs and increased sales. VeroSeal team has an ability to integrate its solutions into existing infrastructures.